What are the Benefits of Buying Leads?


Buying leads is a driving force behind a company’s revenue, sales, and expansion. They eventually become customers and brand ambassadors if lead generation is done correctly. Businesses with more leads and prospects are likely to have an advantage over their competitors.

When looking for leads, companies have to ensure that the leads are of high quality to increase the likelihood of conversion. One of the ways to secure high-quality leads is by buying them. Many companies, like HomeGuru, can provide you with leads and contacts that are sorted to fit perfectly your targeted demographics.

But many are concerned about buying leads as they can be expensive and others are worried they might pay for junk calls. Fortunately, with HomeGuru, you are only charged for real leads. Purchasing leads is quick and low-risk, if you need more leads, you can simply buy more.


Here are the benefits of buying leads for your business:

Higher Conversion Rate

While quality leads do not guarantee sales, they increase the chances of conversion. Purchasing leads is a step farther than the process of cold calling and quality lead providers have significant databases and leads compiled to be converted.         

Accordingly, their leads are specific and they are sure to have an interest in the product and service you are offering. It is also worth noting that most companies cannot usually reach a high number of leads by creating their lead list and by buying leads from reputable lead providers can get you good value for the money you are spending.

Cost-Effective in Buying Leads

One of the benefits of buying leads is that it is a cost-effective method. Building a lead list can involve too much time and to attract more leads, businesses must create quality content, and social media presence, build a website, and make many calls. These components can increase costs and handling these things on your own can incur more expenses. However, if you purchase leads, such costs will be offset. The cost versus the resources that can be saved makes purchasing leads a valuable option for many businesses.

Simple Way to Measure Performance

When assessing the effectiveness of a lead generation strategy, other methods of generating leads do not offer sufficient information. An established lead provider has a tool for measuring the service for the customers that buy leads from them. This tool can be a dashboard that provides an overview of a company’s overall success. The dashboard includes the number of calls made, disputed leads, and closed leads. Today, customers can even customize their dashboards and choose which statistics they want to be displayed.

High-Quality Leads

Buying leads can provide businesses with high-quality leads given that the provider is established and reputable. Such lead providers have vast databases of all kinds of business prospects. They can filter the data on many parameters like location, software, and designations in a detailed manner. This enables customers to easily identify their target group and purchase specifically which matches their criteria.

Easy to Integrate

Buying leads can easily fit into any marketing plan. It means that if a company has an existing in-house marketing team, they can easily bring the leads they have procured from a lead provider without having to alter or change the system that is already in place. Reputable providers are highly skilled and specialized and usually, they have integration support included in the service.

Prioritize Time in Buying Leads

The time invested in inciting interest through cold calling and developing such leads is a significant time you could be saving from buying leads instead. It is pointless for a sales team to chase after cold leads that have no interest in converting into a customer. Not to mention, the frustration of doing the calls and then still failing to get closures.

It is an excellent strategy to spend time catering to leads that have a real interest. With qualified leads, it is easier to reach targets by making less number of calls, and spending on customer service with existing clients.

Only Pay for Valid Leads

If businesses hire a marketing person, a marketing agency, or even when running their pay-per-call marketing, they still need to pay for every call regardless of whether it garnered favorable results. With HomeGuru’s lead generation services, you only pay for valid leads. The lead provider will review each incoming call and bill customers for real verified leads, not for clicks, ensuring they do not pay for fraudulent calls or wrong numbers. HomeGuru also allows customers to set their lead price.

Exclusive Leads That Convert

HomeGuru offers exclusive qualified leads for home service providers. You can ensure that you are sourcing your leads from a credible provider and leads which are specifically designed for you.

No Commitment / Cancel at Any Time

Many marketing and advertising agencies require a long-term contract. But with HomeGuru, you do not need to worry about a long-term contract as you have the option to cancel anytime. You are also not subject to any monthly fees.

Primary or Supplemental PPC Agency

If you already have a marketing strategy implemented, have full-time marketing personnel, or have contacted a marketing company, it is not a worry as HomeGuru can act as a primary or supplemental PPC agency with a pay-per-lead business model or drives lead from their website to work with and complement any digital marketing you are already doing.

What to Consider Before Buying Leads

If you are convinced that buying leads can be advantageous for your business, you have to consider a few things to maximize the potential of this process. First, keep in mind that leads are not created equal and some are better than others. You might not want to share leads with competitors so choosing an exclusive lead provider is important.

Second, employ a well-rounded lead generation strategy along with buying high-quality leads to ensure greater success for your company. Lastly, determine the types of leads you want relating to how much information you need. If you are interested in generating exclusive and high-quality leads for your home improvement business, check out HomeGuru’s website at www.homeguru.com or call us at (888) 437-8049.

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