Exclusive Leads vs. Shared Leads: Which One is Better?


You must know the difference between shared and exclusive leads if you plan to integrate lead generation into your business plan. Both lead types present inexpensive ways to help you expand your business. But you need to know the pros and cons of each lead before deciding which one is best for your business.

This article will tell you what shared leads are and explain the meaning of exclusive leads. 

What’s the Difference Between Shared Leads and Exclusive Leads?


Shared Leads

Providers sell shared leads to several companies. These businesses may sell such leads to five or more companies, with local to international buyers. This makes the competition much tougher, especially if the leads you get go to bigger businesses.

The companies that succeed are typically those with well-known, reputable names and can contact clients instantly. Smaller businesses can still attract new clients with shared leads, but it will take a little more effort.

Exclusive Leads 

Exclusive leads are those that are sent to just one person or company. With exclusive leads, you’ll be the one to own the lead upon payment. They come in small quantities, and businesses charge a premium to sell them.

You should remember that just because your leads are “exclusive” doesn’t mean that customers are always prepared to make a purchase. Lead generators can give you exclusive leads but can only promise that some leads will turn into a sale.

Also, even if a prospect only visits one website, they can still look into other businesses. Other companies can access them if they give their information for extra quotations.

Benefits of Shared Leads

Shared leads are generally cheaper. You should consider shared leads if your business is on a tight budget. Additionally, you can get more leads with shared leads, which could keep you busy at a cheaper out-of-pocket expense.

Benefits of Exclusive Leads

The best thing about an exclusive lead is that it’s given to you alone. Instead of speaking to a customer who may have interacted with three or four other companies, you’ll speak to one who has yet to hear of other alternatives. This means you have a great chance to show the customer how knowledgeable you are in your field. 

The only drawback of exclusive leads is that they are usually more expensive than shared leads. Also, you may only get a smaller number of leads. But it’s important to remember that you can quickly expand your business with a few high-quality leads.

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The Reason Why Exclusive Leads Are Better

The fact that exclusive leads are customized for you is one of the best reasons they are better than shared leads. When you use an exclusive lead strategy, you’ll likely be able to capitalize on the leads you receive and eventually make a sale. This is because you’ll be dealing with customers interested in your services.

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