Exclusive vs. Shared Leads: What’s the Difference?


For every business, regardless of its size and the industry they belong to, lead generation is crucial as it gives them the chance to convert prospects into customers. Accordingly, successful lead generation campaigns help companies gain a significant amount of profits that will keep them stay afloat in the long run.

However, lead generation, especially when done online can be a complicated process. This is when a lead generation company comes in as they can provide and direct leads for companies, allowing them to stay focused on maintaining and growing their business.

Choosing a reliable lead generation agency must be based on an informed decision. Working with experienced professionals helps ensure desirable results. Aside from that, determine whether the agency offers shared or exclusive leads.

For home improvement companies or home services contractors, both types of leads can bring amazing benefits but each has differences and pitfalls. As business owners, it is essential to decide what fits best for your company.


Shared Leads

Many lead generation agencies offer both shared and exclusive leads. However, shared leads are much more common. When you are buying a shared lead, it means the lead can be sold up to multiple times to different buyers. Essentially, such leads will be shared with other market competitors who also purchased shared leads.


  • The cost of shared leads is cheaper than exclusive leads.
  • Potential for more volumes of leads.
  • Provides customers more value as they can obtain and compare various quotes.


  • It is more difficult to convert leads considering the competition is very high. It is particularly harmful to home improvement companies with services such as plumbing, electrical, remodeling, and other similar categories where homeowners often choose the first company who is competitively priced and made a good impression.  
  • Lower quality leads.
  • Companies are charged for every lead.

Exclusive Lead

As the name suggests, leads are provided exclusively for businesses. Hence, taking away the competition factor. Additionally, the lead quality is higher as a specific company only has access to such leads. Exclusive leads are also more favorable for new and small businesses with a limited online presence and low brand awareness as it is an excellent way for them to secure leads which can result in profitable conversions.

Companies that would like to purchase exclusive leads must be aware that they come at a higher cost than shared leads. But on the bright side, they will only be paying for the leads that are sure to give the traffic and conversions they want.   


  • Higher quality leads. Such leads can be traced back to their source allowing businesses to effectively identify which leads are higher quality and which are not.
  • No competition with other businesses.
  • More likely to have value-driven buyers.
  • Allows companies to refine and custom-target audiences.


  • Higher costs than shared leads.
  • Lower quantity of leads.


Whether it is shared or exclusive leads, home improvement companies can benefit from them given that they still result in conversions. However, when weighing the pros and cons of each, many might be convinced that exclusive leads are the better option if businesses desire higher quality leads and percentage of conversions.  

How can HomeGuru help in generating exclusive leads for your home improvement company?

HomeGuru can help your business acquire exclusive leads at a cost you set and bill you only for real verified leads. They have custom-built software that can automatically optimize your account daily for higher-quality leads. You can learn more by visiting their website at www.homeguru.com

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