Tips on How to Get Higher Quality Leads for Kitchen Remodeling Companies


Kitchen Remodeling Companies: Every home improvement contractor or company, particularly those specializing in kitchen remodeling knows that acquiring authentic leads is essential for continuous growth. However, generating leads can be a challenging, costly, and often, aggravating task when targeted results are not met.

Word-of-mouth and other traditional marketing strategies can pay off over time, but what if calls are frequently rejected and leads are not converting? Generating leads is hard enough what more when finding high-quality leads?


Fortunately, there are ways that home improvement companies can follow to get higher-quality kitchen remodeling leads.

Organic or Inbound Lead Generation Strategies

  • Website Optimization

When people search for your business, see whether the right results are coming up. Businesses must optimize their online presence to ensure that the site and Google listing accurately reflect their services. Optimizing the website is a significant digital tool for reaching out to new leads. Take note that the competition is tight as there are also many companies with similar services and products in the market.

Standing out in the competition is crucial and kitchen remodeling companies can do this by creating a website that is:

  • A resource of good information
  • A place to highlight the design process
  • A venue to showcase products and services through a portfolio or gallery page
  • A space to tell stories through client testimonials
  • Appropriate and compelling Calls to Action or CTAs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Prospects rely on search engines like Google, Bing, and Amazon, for kitchen remodeling contractors. Making a website visible to such leads requires a comprehensive SEO strategy which includes building a high-quality website and content, premium user experience, and link development.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing pertains to the process of collecting leads through the use of email. It is all about gathering information on potential customers like their names and addresses. Having this kind of strategy for lead generation is vital for businesses that aim to grow their customer base and generate more sales. It can also be a means to remind customers of future projects and referrals.

Paid Lead Generation Strategies

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Pay-Per-Click of PPC is an online advertising method where advertisers are charged for every click a user made on one of their ads. They are the compact advertisements that show up at either the top or bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that are relevant to what a user has searched. Kitchen remodeling contractors can use this type of advertising as it is highly likely for users to click on paid ads if it is what they see first. However, the ads are only functional if a business continues to pay.

As PPC lead generation campaign can be a challenging and time-consuming task for many, reputable lead generation companies like HomeGuru can assist with their pay-per-lead business model which can complement any digital marketing a business is already implementing.

  • Google Local Service Ads or LSAs

LSAs are used to help companies connect with people who search on Google for the products and services they offer. It can help contractors promote their services as their ads will appear for customers within their area. These ads are showcased on top of SERP and can help drive the best remodeling leads from the ads to the company.

Social Media Lead Generation Strategies

  • Create a Business Page

According to Datareportal, January 2022 global overview revealed that social media consumption has continued to increase. In truth, more than half of the world now uses social media with a percentage of 58.4% which shows the importance of social media marketing today.

Kitchen remodeling companies must be wise to use this opportunity to enhance their digital marketing strategy through social media marketing. To start, create a business page that contains a complete profile and information about the business. This will make it easier for prospects to find it and for social media platforms to display the company profile.

  • Posting Valuable Content

Kitchen remodeling companies can post their accomplished projects on various social media sites. Platforms focused on photo and video sharing are an excellent place to display finished jobs and allow businesses to accentuate their presence in the market and increase awareness among the target audience.

Afterward, incorporate completed projects with valuable content that resonates with audiences. Remodeling contractors can publish “how-to-tips” to have visitors view them as an expert in the industry. They can also use interactive content to give audiences the chance to learn more about their brand enjoyably and engagingly.

Other helpful tips:

  • Automate Sales Process

Sales automation can prevent kitchen remodeling contractors from the hassle of doing repetitive and manual tasks. This can allow owners and their employees to focus more on generating remodeling leads and closing sales.

  • Ask Current Clients for Referrals

Word of the mouth can be a powerful form of advertising that will not cost money. Kitchen remodeling companies with great reputation can ask their satisfied clients to refer them. Of course, to convince them to do so, they can incentivize customers to refer them by offering discounts, promotions, and thank you gifts for their recommendations.

  • Prequalify Leads Before Working With Them

Home improvement contractors should not waste time and energy on leads that do not have the slightest intention of doing business with them. They can cross out leads to get higher quality ones by asking the right questions like: what is their vision for the project, their allotted budget, when they want the project to be done, what are their expected results, and more.

Find a Lead Generation Company You Can Trust

Like every kitchen remodeling contractors out there, lead generation companies are not created equally. If you want to invest in lead generation, chose a provider that can best cater to your needs and requirements. An excellent lead generation service will:

  • Offer exclusive leads
  • Not charge any monthly fees and no commitment
  • Have excellent customer service
  • Allow customers to set lead price and only pay for valid leads

All of the such services are offered by HomeGuru, a trusted provider of exclusive leads for home service providers. HomeGuru can help home improvement companies find genuine opportunities and acquire high-quality leads. You can visit their website at or directly call them at (888) 437-8049.

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