How to Generate Leads with Your Home Improvement Blogs


Blogging is one of the methods home improvement businesses use to reach customers online. Apart from supplying people with helpful information about their products and services, it is a great way to share additional information regarding their niche.

In addition, blogging helps with search engine optimization. Since billions of Google searches are made daily for content, creating targeted and optimized content is vital to appear in search results and get more organic traffic.

Importance of Lead Generation Through Blogging for Your Home Improvement Business


Your home improvement firm might already have a steady flow of likes and traffic. Yet, it is vital to consider whether these people are willing to convert or become leads. Because leads are the cornerstone of an organization’s success, implementing ways to ensure conversion is essential.

One of the most effective approaches on how to get home improvement leads is through your company’s blog. By creating quality blog content, you can establish yourself as an expert in the industry and drive organic and targeted prospects.

Thus, if you want to know how to generate more blog leads effectively, the following strategies can help you:

Use a Floating Bar

Also known as the Hello Bar, the floating bar spans across your page. The intention is to communicate briefly with visitors, share news, collect lead information, or direct them to a particular page on your website.

There are various benefits to using floating bars. For instance, they are not intrusive. Unlike pop-ups that suddenly appear on a page and prompt the user to get rid of it to get where they want to go, floating bars deliver your message without much interference.

Another advantage is that they provide better engagement. Because they are visible to the user whether they scroll up or down, it will not prevent them from engaging with your site. Ultimately, hello bars are excellent for communicating with your website visitors.

Employ a Sound Keyword Strategy

It does not matter if you create high-quality blog posts no one reads them. Online visitors search for certain words or phrases that they believe will get them the information they are looking for.

Using a sound keyword strategy helps your site rank on search engines, making your business easier to find. Targeting a specific niche and writing excellent content that can answer your audience’s inquiries can turn each audience member into a lead for your business.

Focus on Your Target Personas

It is vital to understand your target persona to attract leads through your blog or other inbound marketing efforts. While you believe you have a good grasp of your customers, getting into detail and creating fictionalized target personas can benefit your company.

Consider who you want to write for and who you are attempting to bring to your website. Your customer personas are fundamental because they help you generate more personalized content to publish on your website.

As such, everyone within your organization can pinpoint issues that need to be solved and make more informed decisions when attracting customers.   

Create a Landing Page That Converts Well

Every business website needs a landing page, which serves as the hook for conversion. However, many business owners do not pay much attention to how their landing pages are built, resulting in poor performance and few opt-ins.

A well-crafted landing page is vital if you want your blog readers to turn into leads.

Some of the factors you should consider to devise a landing page that converts well are as follows:

  • Write a Compelling Headline
  • Use Simple Layouts
  • Make It Visually Appealing
  • Incorporate Bullet Points to Make Text Easier to Read

You can also outsource lead generation companies, such as HomeGuru, to help you ensure the potency of your landing page. They can create cutting-edge landing pages that provide conversion and optimize their campaigns to bring the best leads to your business.

Incorporate CTAs into Your Blog Posts

Consider adding a CTA or Call to Action at the end of your blog posts. You can incorporate this in various ways.

For example, you could give your site visitors a link to a downloadable eBook or email newsletter to learn more about your home improvement services.

To increase the likelihood that someone will convert from it, ensure it is pertinent to the content they initially landed on. Without it, since readers will have to navigate the site on their own, you will have difficulty converting anyone on your landing pages.

Benefits of Blogging for Lead Generation

There are many reasons why blogging is one of the most useful lead generation tools for organizations. While writing quality content may take some time, with an ideal content strategy, you can leverage blogging better and generate home improvement leads.

Here are a few benefits of blogging to generate leads:

Drives More Traffic

A good blog provides people with a reason to visit your website. Blogging increases traffic to your website, keeps visitors on your site longer, and gives them a reason to return in hopes of converting as they learn more about your company.

Helps With SEO

As mentioned, blogging helps with search engine optimization. If you constantly create blogs, you provide search engines with new content. This gives firms a chance to include relevant keywords that customers may use to search for the services or products that the company provides.

Serves as a Long-term Strategy

Another benefit of blogs is that they can be a long-term marketing strategy. A single blog post can drive results for months or years. This is because such posts do not disappear even after you promote them. They can still appear in search results and be shared by random readers.

Bring More Quality Leads from Your Blog

Blogging is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. How readers perceive your brand will depend on the content you offer them. Implementing the tactics above can assist you in creating blogs that will bring more visitors to your site and increase conversion rates.

If you are ready to get high-quality leads, check out HomeGuru! They are a lead generation agency catering to home improvement services. Their custom-built platform enables clients to generate valid leads. Visit their website or contact them at (888) 437-8049 today!

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