Social Media Marketing: How to Properly Utilize Content Pillars


Reaching out to many individuals is essential when building a brand reputation and gathering potential online home improvement leads. In today’s generation, online presence is vital when establishing your business in competitive cyberspace. With several companies already well-established, it can be challenging to stand out.

Hence, it is imperative to grow your online community because this will help add value to your customer experience and enhance their loyalty to your brand. One of the best ways you can connect more with your target audience is by utilizing content pillars on your social media platforms.

The following information discusses more about content pillars and its importance in social media marketing:


What are Content Pillars?

Content pillars, also known as content buckets or content clusters, are a pool of relevant topics your company will discuss and create content for on social media. They can be made of different types of content, like blog posts and videos that your target market would find interesting.

Content pillars are essential in social media marketing because they help you stay focused. Rather than aimlessly posting content, you publish posts that are significant to your audience. By putting up content that your community will find helpful, you become one step ahead of competitors in the same industry, vying for followers and engagement on social media.

In lead generation, employing content pillars on social media provides various advantages. For example, establishing focused and interconnected content themes allows you to enhance audience engagement and demonstrate expertise. Moreover, it fosters a cohesive brand identity and encourages audience interactions, ultimately building home remodeling leads acquisition through sustained, targeted content delivery.

Tips to Identify Content Pillars for Your Brand        

Upon grasping the importance of content pillars in social media marketing, you might wonder how to formulate your content pillars. Devising a content pillar strategy necessitates less time than one might envision. Here are a few tips you can consider:

Determine Business Goals

To create an effective content pillar strategy, the content pillars must align with your business objectives. You might find it helpful to assess what you want to achieve online. This can include the type of content your audience will find valuable or if you wish to drive traffic to your website or develop brand awareness.

Know Your Target

The next step is to understand your target audience’s needs. You can do this by identifying their pain points and addressing them through your content. Furthermore, think about the techniques you can implement in your content to persuade them to buy or subscribe to your brand.

Narrow down your audience’s needs by executing keyword research. Once you have identified the keyword phrases that users usually search for, you can create content that performs and satisfies needs. Frequently observing highly searched keywords is vital to ensure your content stays valuable.

Categorize into Core Content Pillars

When you have chosen the theme of your content pillar, decide on the subtopics that should be covered. Then, cluster these subtopics based on related subjects on a spreadsheet so you can quickly expand on them in later content. This list of subtopics will be useful for planning your social strategy and calendar.

Create a Content Calendar

Before embarking on content creation, implement an organized content calendar. The calendar should include the post type, date of publication, and desired keywords to maintain brand presence cohesion on all social media platforms. Planning and arranging your posts in advance saves time and streamlines content creation.

You may quickly schedule your prepared material using a social media management tool. Such a tool allows you to see all of your articles before they are published, including the opportunity to create captions in advance. This will enable you to verify whether your content pillars are correctly balanced.

Some suggestions to help you utilize your content calendar are as follows:

  • Determine Your Channels – Your content calendar is incomplete unless you know which channels you want to employ. Communication channels are critical to your overall performance, so planning to include them from the start is critical.
  • Occupy the Calendar with Important Dates and Times – As you fill your content calendar with specifics, commencing with major dates and deadlines is beneficial. These dates can extend beyond content publication, encompassing milestones like draft submission and multi-channel distribution timelines.
  • Track the Status of Each Content – Effectively managing content involves meticulous tracking within your calendar. While the core tracking involves publication dates, there’s room for more comprehensive monitoring. Incorporating sub-due dates that precede publishing milestones, such as content creation and approval statuses, offers a granular view of the content production process.
  • Establish a Call to Action – To compel your audience to take the necessary action, you must create a unique call to action for each piece of content. You will be well on your way to achieving your final objective if you outline your multiple calls to action at the start of each campaign.

Benefits of Utilizing Content Pillars for Social Media

There are various benefits of incorporating content pillars into your social media marketing strategy, such as:

Builds Trust

Prospects who are trusted become clients. Consistently producing high-quality material identifies you as an authority. People will recognize you for critical issues and trust your opinions.

Improves Content Quality

Focusing on crucial themes improves content quality through in-depth exploration and targeted messaging. In addition, establishing a content roadmap enables planned creation and distribution, fostering consistency and resulting in a more impactful social media presence.

Drives More Traffic

While many focus solely on the Google algorithm in SEO conversations, every social network also operates as a search engine. Creating pillar content with relevant keywords can boost your post’s rankings. This captivates your current audience and enhances visibility for new ones.

Get High-Quality Leads with Social Media Content Pillars

Generating high-quality leads through social media content pillars encompasses a strategic approach to the content creation process. Making pillar content focused on core themes related to your target market’s needs establishes your company’s authority and relevance.

Consequently, your social media channels become a platform for gathering genuinely interested consumers. As a result, you not only get an influx of leads but leads with a higher potential for conversion due to their alignment with your brand.

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