Steps Towards Successful Home Improvement Lead Generation

Digital marketing and lead generation is becoming more beneficial to businesses, especially to home improvement lead companies. According to a study by Marketo, firms with mature lead generation methods attain higher sales productivity and revenue growth. Additionally, a 2020 Lead Generation Benchmark Report shows that 41% of home improvement companies said lead generation was their top priority.

However, generating leads for business success is easier said than done. Some home remodeling providers stated that generating quality and effective leads was their biggest struggle. Consequently, marketers still need help in boosting home remodeling leads and bringing their company to its maximum growth.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is attracting, identifying, and cultivating potential clients by establishing their interest in a business’s products or services. It aims to turn leads into satisfied buyers, gaining more business engagements and opportunities.           

With the constant market changes, it is necessary to adapt modern lead generation techniques to stay afloat. These are fundamental in marketing processes that help you target customers who are willing to buy your niche. In this industry, fierce competition among other firms is inevitable. Thus, it is essential to utilize and look for high-quality home improvement leads to obtain business success.

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How To Achieve Successful Home Improvement Leads?

Lead generation can be a complicated process. However, if you know how to convert home improvement leads into sales, your chances of growing your small business are higher. To help you start, here are steps to achieve successful home improvement leads.

1. Focus on your business niche

Home improvement businesses often want to work on multiple products and services. For instance, they will do kitchen remodels, sell kitchen appliances, and provide home services simultaneously. While these might improve your cash flow, the marketing process might overwhelm your company. If you work on too many things, you might overlook some essential ways to boost your lead. The best thing to do is to focus on one niche and make it exceptional.

For instance, your niche is kitchen renovation. Instead of being a mediocre kitchen remodeling company, aim to be your area’s best and most reliable remodeling firm. Exceptional work will satisfy your customers and lead your business to qualified kitchen remodeling leads. Remember that reviews, feedback, and customers’ experiences are essential in marketing your brand. The Local Consumer Review Survey implies that 87% of consumers in 2020 read online reviews before contacting the company.

2. Optimize your webpage

Not all web visitors are ready to become clients. Based on which page they visit; it is possible to gauge their level and deliver content targeted at different stages of your sales funnel. For example, someone might visit your pricing page and be eager to sign up. In this case, you can offer free quote forms that will encourage them to submit their information to get going. Conversely, blog visitors may need more time to be ready to select a service provider. You can encourage them to sign-up to receive your weekly email updates, which can help them become home improvement leads.

3. Improve your email marketing approach

An interested homeowner who downloaded a resource manual from an email can turn into a lead. Typically, it is because of how marketers structure and strategize their email marketing. While it is a practical approach, small business owners are often guilty of sending generic emails that do not resonate with customers’ needs or interests.

In email marketing, the initial step is to segment your email list and focus on sets of subscribers. You can target a group of clients who had their renovation within the past five years and encourage them to have their next home improvement project. In addition, targeted email campaigns can make a big difference in your conversion rates. An effective email should have the following qualities including:

  • digestible and easy to skim
  • contains documentation and portfolio of your recent works
  • mobile-friendly

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4. Utilize Online Ads to Generate Local Leads

Use Google Ads, FB Ads, or other paid online advertising platforms to target your market. This is a great way to get leads from people who have previously searched online for home improvement topics or have joined certain social media groups that focus on home improvement contents. Writing ads can be a part of your content marketing strategy. These ads will direct potential customers toward your blog.

In addition, you should update your blog frequently if you want to generate leads for home renovation in this way. It will ensure that future customers will view the new, season-relevant content each time they click on your site.

5. Boost your online presence

A great way to get home improvement leads is by setting up and maintaining social media profiles. This will help increase your business’s visibility and chances of being found by potential customers. This allows you to target customers in your immediate area and expand to nearby areas.


There are many home contractors you can compete with, so securing high-quality leads in the home improvement industry is critical. Your pipeline will remain full of qualified and interested customers if you are successful in-home improvement lead generation.

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