How to Turn More Leads Into Completed Projects


For home contractors that compete for customers online, securing home improvement leads is a top priority. But running a successful business goes beyond securing leads as it is also important to move them through the sales funnel immediately. This strategy is called “lead nurturing” and is considered one of the best ways to continually generate new customers.

Nurturing leads is a crucial factor for the growth of any business. According to Forrester Research, companies that are successful at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads. Considering this figure, companies should consider implementing a lead-nurturing strategy.

But before getting started, it is first important to learn why nurturing leads is important and what strategies you can apply to your business.


What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing refers to the process of building relationships with prospects. It is also considered a significant aspect of inbound marketing which is the use of social media, content marketing, and other online communication methods to attract customers’ attention.

If there is one thing that buyers are similar with, it is how they do not simply purchase a product or avail service upon finding a specific business. This is when lead nurturing comes in as it is the strategy employed to drive sales.

What is the importance of Lead Nurturing?

The primary goal of nurturing leads is to drive sales but aside from that, there are several other benefits:

  • Introduces prospects to your company – When a potential customer finds your business, it is highly likely that they are not ready to purchase yet. Lead nurturing is an opportunity to teach prospects about your services and products. This way, you can introduce your business including who you are and what you can offer them.
  • Bolster sales strategy – Sales team is always focused on selling at the moment and this means there are many potential customers who are not targeted. Lead nurturing gives you a chance to target future customers.
  • Helps audience remember you – Constantly communicating with potential customers will help them remember you. Staying on top of their minds is helpful as the moment they need your product or services, you are the first one they will look for.
  • Reduces customer acquisition cost – Various methods and ways are available for businesses to do for the sake of attracting customers. However, most of them come with costly fees. With lead nurturing, it is not a worry to go over budget as it offers a less-expensive method of attracting customers. Spending less on marketing is good for customer acquisition costs.

There are plenty of ways to nurture leads that can turn them into completed projects. When done correctly, you will be able to obtain satisfied customers who are likely to return and refer you for more jobs. Here are some strategies that will help you close new business:

Embracing Digital Marketing

Traditionally, businesses reach their target audience using radio, magazines, television and direct mail. Today, as 9 out of 10 people are looking for contractors online and 98% of homeowners pick a contractor from the first page of the search engine results page, companies need to reach customers through digital channels.

Embracing digital marketing will allow home improvement companies to engage with potential customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Accordingly, it can help them segment the target market and develop compelling advertising campaigns with specific messaging for each customer segment.

The following are some of the goals businesses should set for them:

  • Develop a strategy to use social media.
  • Optimize the way your business appears in online searches.

Consider Every Conversation as a Marketing Tool

Regardless of what channel you use to communicate with prospects whether on the phone, in person, or by email, it is crucial to be ready for information and listen carefully. Remember that the client is still in the discovery phase and learning process. When talking with a customer, think about the 40-40-20 marketing rule as you navigate them through their journey and potentially into a relationship with you.

The 40-40-20 marketing rule says that 40% of the success of your marketing campaign is dependent on your audience, another 40% is dependent on what you offer, and 20% is reserved for everything else. It also helps to remember the following when conversing with prospects:

  • Know your brand
  • Rehearse the script
  • Keep FAQs handy
  • Anticipate a caller’s needs
  • Be approachable

Have Confidence Showing You Are the Right Contractor for the Job

It is important to treat every potential client as a paying client. This way, you are not only developing trust and reliability, but you are also displaying confidence in your products and services. It does not mean that you should put too much effort and time into turning a prospect into someone who is not paying. However, it is crucial to give the impression that you are the best in your area. Therefore, their best bet.

While it is not guaranteed that prospects will immediately purchase your products or services, they might do so in the future. If a client or a bathroom remodeling lead is tending away from the project, it is okay to let the client go and be understanding about the situation. But ensure to give them your contact details in case they change their minds later on.

Conduct Surveys

Building a connection with prospects is more than simply conversing with them. You can opt to hand out surveys to understand their needs. Surveys allow leads to tell you what they want and feel in their own words. If you ask them about their specific problems and needs, it will be easier to plan how to get them to the end of the buyer’s journey.

Follow up with Leads After Making the Sale

Lead nurturing does not end with a customer making a sale. After a customer has purchased your product or services, you want them to keep coming back as they are likely to spend more than one-time customers.

Contact a Lead Generation Company

The competition between different home improvement companies is fierce. Knowing this, securing leads and prospects to nurture might be difficult. Fortunately, there are reputable lead generation agencies like HomeGuru that can provide exclusive leads with the intent of purchasing products and services. If you want to learn more about what HomeGuru can offer, you can visit their website at You can also send them a message at

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