Types of CTAs That Can Drive Leads


The majority of online users may find it challenging to focus for long periods. This is primarily due to the plethora of distractions they can get exposed to on the internet, social media, and their environment. In fact, according to statistics, the average website user’s attention span is 8.25 seconds.

With the increasing significance of online presence, businesses of every industry constantly compete to become prosperous in cyberspace. Hooking users to make a purchase or subscribe to your services when they visit your website is one of the most crucial aspects of a profitable business. Once you catch a visitor’s attention and prompt them to take action, you become one step closer to obtaining success.

A CTA (Call-to-Action) is a powerful tool that gives your organization the push it needs to attract consumers. Optimized CTAs allow you to generate exclusive contractor leads on your website. Therefore, it is vital to consider which CTAs will genuinely help your sales grow.

Hence, to ensure that you attract the right audience, consider implementing these ten types of CTAs that can effectively drive leads:

Read More

A read more button or text link is ideal to entice your viewers to continue reading or accessing your website. This type of CTA is usually placed on home pages or select landing pages where consumers are only starting their journey.

You can also use this CTA type at the end of your blog posts to guide users to the next piece and keep them engaged. Utilizing the “Read More” or “Learn More” CTA urges your visitors to delve into content that interests them while preventing them from overwhelming users with abundant content.

Social Sharing

Social sharing CTAs allow you to persuade visitors to share your content at the end of your blog posts or landing pages. It is essential to note that the user should genuinely be satisfied with your content to find it shareable and vouch for that content.

This CTA type leverages social media to highlight a message, increase visibility, and connect to a broader audience. An effective social sharing CTA often contains prominent social media icons or buttons to simplify the sharing process and establish user engagement in distributing the content to users.

Event Registration

Event promotion or registration CTAs can be placed alongside blog entries on landing pages or sidebars. If you use this CTA, ensure you provide information about the event, show former attendees’ testimonies or reviews, and the benefits a user can receive by attending. You can also consider putting this CTA on login pages to increase ticket sales and place it on your website for exclusive leads or casual viewers to learn about it.

Free Trials

Another common CTA that many people see are free trial or demo CTAs. This is a no-risk CTA in which consumers may learn about your product’s perks and use cases without pledging to anything or providing personal information. Examples of this CTA type include:

  • “Start your free trial today!”
  • “Watch a demo.”
  • “Limited time free demo access.”

You may offer freebies, such as downloadable video guides or e-books, to persuade viewers to convert. It may be ideal to make these CTAs concise to demonstrate the value of a free trial or demo.


Purchase CTAs are usually the most direct and potent means of boosting your sales. This CTA type is excellent for the final stage of your sales funnel, targeting leads who have demonstrated an interest in your products or services. Because purchase CTAs are more challenging to sell, they should be placed on site pages where hot leads spend the most time. Typically, this would be your product pages or customized landing pages for nurtured exclusive leads.

Newsletter Subscriptions

There are instances when a visitor may not be prepared to make a purchasing decision but still value your brand’s expertise or content. If you want to entice website visitors to stay engaged with your company, consider employing a newsletter subscription CTA. Newsletter subscriptions urge individuals to sign up to receive ongoing information without financial commitment.

Related Content

It is common knowledge that when a user stays longer on your website, there is a high chance of them converting. When a visitor goes from one blog post to another, they become more knowledgeable about your brand’s product or service and recognize the value you can provide. As a result, they will most likely make the leap to purchase.

This highlights the importance of related content CTAs since they point consumers toward various kinds of content created to maintain them on your site and encourage them further down the funnel. Through a simple link, related content CTAs can be added within the text, such as between various sections of a blog post or in the sidebar.

Lead Generation

As the name suggests, the lead generation CTA helps convert recurring website visitors to potential customers. To ensure the best results, it is best to place this type of CTA where you can expect a high number of new website visitors. Moreover, you might also find it helpful to create lead magnets to gather a lead’s contact information.

Lead Nurturing

After gathering essential information about a lead, the next phase is nurturing these leads to convert. Utilizing a lead nurturing CTA helps streamline the process of retaining engagement and encouraging possible customers to cultivate and maintain contact with your business following their initial interaction. Lead nurturing is pivotal in converting prospects into loyal customers, emphasizing the significance of consistent communication.

Get the Best Leads and Boost Sales with Attention-Grabbing CTAs

CTAs are the lifeblood of a lead-generating website. By utilizing the right type of CTA and honing it to become more compelling, you guarantee that it makes a lasting impression on your target audience and persuades them to convert into loyal customers.

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