What is PPC Lead Generation?


PPC Lead Generation: Every business needs more than its existing customers if they want to expedite and sustain growth. That said, they must employ an effective lead generation campaign to attract customers and continuously ensure business development.

Lead generation can be done offline or online. However, many marketers prefer the latter, considering the increase in global media consumption in recent years. One of the best ways to generate leads online is by driving target audiences to the website with the help of smartly placed ads.

This is where PPC lead generation comes in. But what is it, and how can it play a significant role in your company’s growth.

What is PPC Lead Generation?

Business owners know how important it is to use suitable marketing campaigns to attract new customers. Using PPC campaigns can be a highly effective channel for companies doing online lead generation.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC s an online advertising method where advertisers pay for every click a user makes on one of their ads. It is a way of buying visits to a website instead of acquiring them through an organic method. Businesses, regardless of size, use PPC campaigns to drive traffic to their site and generate new leads.

One of the most known forms of PPC is search engine advertising, which allows brands to bid for ad placement in search engines like Google or Bing’s sponsored links. The ads will then be displayed when a user searches for keywords related to the products or services a business has to offer.

Brands have to pay the search engine a fee each time the ad is clicked as visitors are successfully sent to their site. If a PPC lead gen works effectively, the paid fee becomes trivial because the visits can be worth more than what businesses pay.

Building a lead generation campaign requires much work. It involves tasks like researching and choosing the right keywords and putting them in well-organized ad groups and campaigns, creating optimized PPC landing pages, and more.

When setting up landing pages, many brands take extra effort into making them useful and satisfying for users. Brands can trust lead generation companies, like HomeGuru, to act as their primary or supplemental PPC agency that can help create relevantly and intelligently targeted PPC campaigns.

Suppose landing pages are optimized and deliver an excellent user experience to customers. In that case, search engines might charge brands a smaller fee for each click as a reward for doing the campaign right. In return, it helps them yield higher profits with less cost.

Why Use PPC B2B Lead Generation?

Starting a lead generation business with PPC ads can help brands enjoy the following advantages:

  • Attracting visitors who are looking for what a business is offering

One of the primary benefits of PPC lead generation is attracting the right people to a brand’s page. Businesses can get targeted on their target audience and keyword selection, ensuring that they appear in the right searches.

Brands can create ads around their business name, compete on their product type keyword, and more. All of these can help drive relevant traffic to a site and drive value through lead generation.

  • Achieve better keyword rankings and traffic

Using PPC ads can help keyword rankings and website traffic as brands put their ads on sites that receive higher traffic than theirs. This can lead to more audiences and chances of their ads being clicked. The more ad is clicked, the higher the keyword rankings are boosted. If a business has excellent keyword ranking, the chances of the ad staying relevant is highly likely.

Furthermore, some keywords are highly competitive for organic search. Often, brands might not have the domain rating to compete, leading to significantly less visibility for businesses as they are not found where they need to be. Using PPC allows brands to bypass the fight for the number one position as ads are placed above organic search results.

  • Brands can meet audiences where they are

Google can accommodate 3.5 billion searches daily and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide, making it the best go-to resource for every query or need individuals have. Most of the US population is on and active in social media. Between search engines, social media sites, and other sites on the Google Display Network, brands can reach anyone with internet access using PPC lead generation.

  • PPC lead generation offers a solid ROI (Return on Investment)

Some businesses might be hesitant to use PPC lead generation model as they are charged for every traffic they generate. Aside from that, they have other options like social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization SEO. However, though PPC lead generation can cost money, it is a worthy investment that can produce impressive ROI.

In truth, advertisers can receive eight times more than the money they spend. Google conservatively estimate that for every $1 a business spends on Google Ads, and they can receive $8 in profit through Search and Ads.

  • Know more about targeted leads and their behavior

Good advertising is when brands provide the right message at the right time. Online behavior and customers can change over time. With PPC, businesses can effectively understand their customer behavior online, which helps them be informed on what ads they like to see and more.

How to Create an Effective PPC Lead Generation Campaign?

Obtaining qualified leads from PPC lead generation can be done by employing the following practices:

  • Competitor Understanding and Keyword Research

In creating a great PPC lead generation campaign, brands must understand keywords their competitors use and add them to their campaigns. Businesses must ensure that they do not copy what their competitors are doing to prevent them from ending up with similar campaigns that do not rank on search engines. Brands must take note of generating possible keywords and using keyword research tools.

  • Setting a thoroughly planned PPC campaigns

After finalizing keywords, brands must structure campaigns and monitor them for maximum benefit. Regarding an excellent campaign structure, PPC ad campaigns must be based on products or services, targeted locations, bidding and performance, and timing of offerings.

Additionally, businesses must ensure the budgeting is done correctly so they do not spend more than what is needed.

  • Creating memorable ad copies

If a brand understands user intent, it can easily grab the user’s attention. This can drive writing forward and help design the landing pages. When done correctly, it allows customers to move from awareness to consideration.

  • Creating actionable CTAs

Call-to-Actions or CTAs are vital in gaining more leads and creating actionable ones that can effectively tell users what they need to do to get in touch with a specific brand.

  • Creating attractive landing pages

The landing page is required at the beginning of a brand’s undertaking and the last step in the PPC journey. Businesses must ensure that they create a beautifully-designed landing page that can improve their conversions. Should you need help with creating landing pages, HomeGuru can help build state-of-the-art landing pages using a custom platform and drive customers from Google and Microsoft ads.

  • Analyze and Optimize

After campaigns are launched, brands must analyze and optimize results to help content stay fresh for a longer time, resulting in a higher number of leads generated.

Looking for a Lead Generation Company?

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